Chance and Choices Adventures

Chance and Choices Adventures

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Chance and Choices Adventures is a Christian western series exploring the concepts of fate and destiny, set in the frontier state of Arkansas in the early 19th century. The whims of blind chance, the consequences we face due to our own choices, and God's plan for us, all play their own parts in determining the course our lives will take.

See Lisa Gay speak at the North Roanoke Baptist Church, Part 1 and Part 2.

Pray For Justice Book One, Pray For Justice
On a fateful spring day of 1839, at the western edge of civilized America, a gang of outlaws attempts to remove a Native American who dares to sit in a white man’s saloon. Townsfolk become embroiled, bullets fly, and men fall. Forced from the saloon under the threat of further bullet trading, the outlaws then gallop out of town but don’t cotton to their treatment. Unaware that fate lurks, three sisters step into the blood spreading across the saloon floor. Fate and the outlaws plan further trouble.

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Choose Your Consequences Book Two, Choose Your Consequences
Filled with the prejudices that exist in the early 1800’s, outlaws burn down the Williams’ farm as they attempt to burn alive the Williams sisters and the men working at their farm. The sisters, their two farm hands, and other friends from the nearby town of Harmony, Arkansas, seek justice. Justice they hope to find a hundred miles away in Little Rock. Together with the last three living members of the gang of outlaws, they trek across the open countryside and across swollen rivers on the newly built military road. Choices of allegiance to family and friends, choices of faith, and choices of obedience to the law fall upon the good, the bad, and the evil. Their choices could bring the end of their friendships, their loves, their families, or their lives, and will certainly seal their eternal futures. With perseverance, friendship, love, and shreds of faith, the travelers fight to make their own choices and choose their consequences.

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No Remorse Book Three, No Remorse
Noah Swift Hawk and Ann Williams break the law that prohibits interracial marriage. Judge Daniel Hall of Arkansas uncovers what he believes is their disgusting sin and condemns the transgressors to months of hard labor. The two lovers willingly struggle through and serve the sentence. What they can’t endure, is the forced separation that the judge has also ordered.

Under the threat of lashings and more hard labor, Ann, her sisters, Stephanie and Sally, and her brother-in-law, Eli, purposefully disobey and reunite with Noah close to the western frontier at Pine Bluff. The winter of 1840, even though they fear discovery, Noah and Ann refuse to part. They hide with their family at Roscoe Bacon’s Trading Post and try to survive a very snowy winter beside the Arkansas River.

Emotional wounds, left by the death of Ann’s parents two years before, surface and plague her. Noah tries to help the woman he loves and leads the group in a Native American mourning ceremony.

Does bringing a ritual from Noah’s past into the present create a rift or do the bonds of family love grow stronger? Are the lovers discovered, is their romance doomed, or do they get away with sharing a forbidden love?

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Means of Escape Book Four, Means of Escape
The snow still lay on the ground when Ann Williams, Noah Swift Hawk, and their family attempt to escape the consequences of Noah and Ann’s interracial marriage. In the year of 1840, folks don’t cotton to them disregarding the law put into place to keep the white race pure. If caught, Judge Daniel Hall has a bullet waiting for Noah and Ann, or at the very least, a whip. They try to find a way out of Little Rock to run for their lives.

The family attempts a very risky avenue of escape. Their exodus does not go well. They encounter dangerous terrain, as well as desperate and vicious animals and people. Some attack mercilessly. Others desperately need their help.

The family is unable to travel far from Little Rock. For months, they must avoid those looking for them as they hide in the forest beside Fletcher Creek in the new slave state of Arkansas. They receive help from unlikely people who are barely surviving themselves.

Who escapes? Who does death claim?

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Torn Hearts Book Five, Torn Hearts
In the western frontier state of Arkansas, the malicious Judge Daniel Hall annuls Noah Swift Hawk and Ann Williams’ illegal interracial marriage. The love-struck couple refuses to step away from their romance. Furious that the woman continues to defile herself with a heathen, Judge Hall plots their demise. Noah and Ann scoop up their family and run for their lives. Heartbroken when the inevitable occurs, Noah persists in his attempt to escape the forbidden land he had dared to enter.

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Xida People Book Six, Xida People
Ann Williams and Noah Swift Hawk escape Arkansas with their friend Roscoe Bacon but only one of Ann’s sisters. Barely across the border and still much too close to the clutches of the prejudiced Judge Daniel Hall, they hide with the Xida people. Every attempt to rendezvous with Ann’s other sister at Fort Gibson means exposure, and there are definitely soldiers at the fort who would love to see the family get their comeuppance. In Noah’s village, and in the surrounding Cherokee lands of Indian Territory, they encounter friends and foes, attempt to abscond with stolen buffalo, and to avoid discovery and destruction. Will Ann reunite with her missing sister? Will the family and the rest of Noah’s people survive the wrath of Cherokee war woman, Kangee?

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Stone Cold Book Seven, Stone Cold
Robert Teal painfully discovers that Judge Daniel Hall has deployed an assassin to bring in three people, preferably dead. Told to stay out of the way by the men of Fletcher Creek, Robert enlists the help of Edwin Snow and attempts to rectify his mistake.

Living beyond the western frontier in Indian Territory and blissfully unaware that an approaching killer is drawing nearer, Noah Swift Hawk, Ann Williams, and their family prepare to cross the country to the western sea.

The assassin, the men of Fletcher Creek, and Robert and Edwin travel separate paths as they race to their objectives; kill the targets, and warn their friends before they meet their demise

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Goodbye Hideout Book Eight, Goodbye Hideout
Betrayed, Ann Williams and her family are forced to flee into Cherokee territory, but the natives' prejudice against encroaching white people is only slightly safer than the assassin they're running from.

Heading into the territory of Cherokee war woman Kangee, will the Williams family find refuge? Will they be slaughtered by angry natives, caught and killed by the assassin, or will they freeze to death in the wilderness? Who will survive the escape?

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Along the Way Book Nine, Along the Way
Every second closer to the western frontier meant possible capture and execution. Noah Swift Hawk and Ann Williams fled into the perilous American prairie filled with dangerous terrain, wild animals, hazardous rivers, and threatening native people. Does the prairie hold new love, or will the risky adventure lead to grievous losses?

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The Western Sea Book Ten, The Western Sea NEW!
Judge Daniel Hall despised Ann Williams beyond all others. For three years, he perpetrated devious deeds in his insane desire to locate the woman he resented and Noah Swift Hawk, her Native American lover. In his arrogance, he left clues. Will his past betray him?

Noah Swift Hawk and Ann Williams arrived at the end of the path Roscoe Bacon had traveled twenty years before. The lovers and their growing family are entirely deprived of knowledge as to what Judge Hall might have set into motion to locate and dispatch them from the living. However, they are confident that Judge Hall hasn’t lost his desire or plans to kill them. Noah and Ann, therefore, ascended the Sangre de Cristo Mountains toward friends, foes, hardships, and joys and attempted to find their way across unknown lands to the western sea.

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Sally's Sketchbook Sally's Sketchbook NEW!
Sally's Sketchbook is a collection of colorable pages, drawn by William R. M. Mattingly, based on the Chance and Choices Adventures series.

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Lisa Gay

Author Bio

Lisa Gay believes that people who mean harm are in the world, attempting to hatch their plots. Don't allow them to make your decisions for you. Fight for what is right, help those you can, and risk much for the loves of your life.